Mapple’s urban intelligence software helps urban planners, real estate investors and developers use location data to evaluate and plan new developments. We apply multiple data sets from demographics and people flows to housing trends and serviceability to provide instant insights on investment potential.

Use cases


Mapple’s software combines, processes and analyses multiple location data points so you don’t have to.

Take advantage of tangible insights and data visualisations to spot trends and make faster decisions.

Urban Planning

Evaluate current situation and needs of different areas in the city.

Instantly analyse public service and hospital catchment areas, socio-demographics, service network and reachability for any location in the city and surrounding areas.

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Urban Forecasting

How will your development change the area?

Evaluate different scenarios by applying public infrastructure plans, population growth and demographic trends.

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Real Estate

Get a fast understanding of any area in Finland.

Evaluate and compare multiple investment locations by applying insights on socio-demographics, reachability, housing trends, service network and mobility.

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CO2 emissions

Calculate indirect CO2 emissions from transport, commute and land mass movement operations.

Compare multiple scenarios to find most impactful reductions.

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Solving complex urban problems

Every week 1.5 million people move to the cities. Municipalities and real estate industry have to work together to develop efficient infrastructure, housing and system of services that will increase livability while significantly reducing the impact on climate.

Mapple is a spin-off from Helsinki’s Digital Geography Lab. Together with Finnish cities and urban planners, we developed data driven tools to understand how cities function. Following growing interest, we transformed the tools into an easy to use software to help cities and real estate companies with their everyday challenges.


YIT used Mapple’s software to forecast which of their development sites will become more accessible (and therefore more attractive) after new transport links are implemented (based on public developments to be completed in 2020-2023).

City of Espoo

Mapple helped city of Espoo to analyse how by switching to distributed recycling (from one recycling site to three) they can reduce both CO2 emissions and costs by 60%.


Bosch used Mapple’s software to analyse accessibility and employee mobility patterns for 13 production sites in Germany.

OP Kiinteistösijoitus

Real Estate team licensed Mapple Insights to analyse residential, commercial and retail investments across Finland.

City of Turku

City of Turku has licensed Mapple’s software to perform accessibility analysis for any part of the region with different transport modes including walking, biking (private bikes & city bikes), car and public transport.


Finnish Consulting Group (FCG) used Mapple to help city of Helsinki understand how people use underground tunnels around railway station. The analysis was done using app level data.


Mapple provided investor, Bruce Oreck, with detailed location evaluation for Konepaja Train Factory.

Pohjola Rakennus

Property development team licensed Mapple Insights to evaluate and plan residential developments.

I recommend everyone to test the tool

The new mapping service developed by Mapple and Blok provides an answer to where you should live to minimize your commute to work, school or other places you visit often. Using the service you can choose your preferred travel mode and how often you need to travel to each location.

Rudi Skogman, CEO of Blok

I endorse their excellent expertise in the field of accessibility

Mapple’s tools have helped us to create a general plan for the city of Helsinki, where the accessibility analysis played a major role in understanding the functioning and efficiency of the public transport system in people’s everyday life. 

Heikki Salmikivi, Head of Unit (dept), City of Helsinki

Mapple Crew

Rami Piiroinen

CEO (co-founder)

Rami is a seasoned data scientist with PhD in remote sensing and long experience in spatial data analytics and machine learning.

Jeison Londoño Espinosa

Senior developer

Jeison is spatial data analyst and a senior software developer. Foreigner lost in Helsinki.

Karolina Mosiadz

COO (co-founder)

Karolina is a seasoned marketer and a growth hacker with 8+ years of helping deep tech startups grow.

Henrikki Tenkanen

CSO (co-founder)

Henrikki is a geodata scientist, researcher and Python educator, who gets inspired by using digital geodata to solve societal issues.