Turning mobility data into actionable insights

Our story

Solving complex urban problems

1.5 million people are added to the global urban population every week. It leads not only to a huge strain on infrastructure, services, climate and environment, but also affects the daily lives of citizens.

Mapple is a spin-off from the Digital Geography Lab at the University of Helsinki. Following a longterm collaboration with Finnish cities and urban planners, the lab developed data driven tools to understand how the city functions. Seeing the need for advanced smart mobility solutions, a group of researchers decided to use their expertise to build easy to use solutions that help cities with their everyday challenges.

Mapple uses unique modelling and the latest AI technology to help cities handle rapidly increasing urbanisation. The core technology was used to develop custom applications such as Urban Planner and Apartment Search Finder.


How does it work?

Most companies and cities capture only a fraction of the potential value from data and analytics

Mapple provides a unique way to combine, enhance and analyse multiple streams of location data on the fly. Using state-of-the-art algorithms for accessibility and mobility modelling we provide you with easy to understand, visual insights to support your decision making. This way you can evaluate any area, one or multiple locations in no time.

What can you use Mapple for?


Out of the box solution for modelling and analysing accessibility and mobility in the city

Real estate

Evaluate and compare location attractiveness

Outdoor advertising

Plan your offline campaign based on real-time movements of people

Smart City Initiatives

Feed your smart solution with real-time analytics about the mobility demand and provision

Customers and partners

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