As real estate industry is starting to embrace digitalisation, we see more need for easy to use tools for data analysis, visualisation and reporting. That’s why we wanted to create a software that can be used by anyone – whether they have a data scientist background or not. To make it possible, we source, combine and process all data that you might need to evaluate location for development or investment. All you need to do is choose a location and let Mapple Insights do the work.

To bring you the data you need, we collaborate with real estate research organisations (like for example KTI Kiinteistötieto) and data providers. This way, if you are an existing KTI customer, in addition to KTI’s market information, benchmarking & real estate insights you can access Mapple’s unique overview of the area’s socio-economics, service availability, housing trends and reachability.

Join us next week at RecoTech & Rakli webinar to learn how you as a developer or investor can benefit from Mapple & KTI data. Grab your spot here: