Is your office working remotely because of COVID-19? Or perhaps because of closed borders and limited travel options you have problems following up on your real estate investments in Finland? With Europe in crisis mode, getting in touch with of experts and acquiring data and information can prove to be more challenging than usual.

Thanks to Mapple Insights, you don’t have to put your real estate investment plans on hold. Our urban intelligence software brings instant access to socio-economics, service network and catchment areas, residential trends and reachability on any location in Finland.

How Mapple can help your team?

Mapple works in the cloud and can be easily used by remote teams. Your staff can evaluate the situation, collaborate on projects and share insights while working from home.

Mapple doesn’t require GIS or data training so anyone in the company can get quick understanding of the investment location. At the same time, analysts can use Mapple API to perform a more complex analysis.

How does it work in practice:

  • Pick any location in Finland. All you need is the address or name of the area.
  • Evaluate and compare multiple investment locations in your pipeline.

  • Save your shortlist as favourites.

  • Dive deeper on each investment location and analyse its current and future potential.
  • Use Mapple’s graphs, data visualisations and analysis to prepare reports.

  • Share insights with your colleagues/team/advisors.

To help you get started faster we are offering now two week trial licences for €250 (up to 5 users).

Get two week trial licence for your team