(Version updated on 16.4)

Is your office working remotely because of COVID-19? Or because of closed borders and limited travel options you have a hard time following up on your real estate investments in Finland? With Europe in crisis mode, getting in touch with experts, acquiring data and information can prove to be more challenging than usual.

Thanks to Mapple Insights, you don’t have to put your real estate investment plans on hold. Our urban intelligence software provides instant access to socio-economics, service network and catchment areas, residential trends and reachability for any location in Finland.

How Mapple can help your team?

Mapple Insights is easy to install and apply, so your team can collaborate, share data and make decisions faster than ever. Instead of weeks, you are able to get results in minutes, even seconds. Located in the cloud, it allows anyone to evaluate, compare and share insights on any location without getting up from their desk. 

Mapple comes with basic data already included so you don’t have to worry about having to source, clean it and process it yourself. On top of that, it  combines data sets such as reachability, services and socio-demographics for additional insights.

The software doesn’t require any data training enabling anyone in the company to get a fast understanding of any area and visualise data insights without having to get the analyst team or external consultants involved. They can export these data, visualisations and graphs to generate reports and share insights with colleagues across the world, all online. Easy to consume and share, the insights can be circulated to decision makers while marketing and sales teams can use them for external parties such as future buyers and investors.

Together with Mapple Insights package we provide Mapple API so analysts, developers and data scientists can run custom analysis.

By taking advantage of agile, digital tool like Mapple Insights your team can cover the entire development process from evaluating location to marketing it to potential investors and tenants. 

How does it work in practice:

  • Pick any location in Finland. All you need is the address or name of the area.
  • Get a good understanding of location’s immediate neighbourhood.

  • Dive deeper on each investment location to analyse its potential. For residential investors, useful insights include average age, ownership structure and average floor area.

  • Evaluate and compare multiple investment locations at the same time.

  • Save your shortlist as favourites.

  • Use Mapple’s graphs and data visualisations to create reports.

  • Share insights with your colleagues/team/advisors.

To help you get started faster we are offering now two week trial licences for €250 (up to 5 users).

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