When the speed of information is crucial, you wouldn’t want to rely on systems that take a few days or even weeks to compile data you need today.

By using Mapple Insights you can instantly analyse public service and hospital catchment areas, socio-demographics, service network and reachability for any location in the city and surrounding areas. Use it to start acting now.

Mapple works in the cloud and can be easily used by remote teams. It means that your staff can evaluate the situation, collaborate on projects and share insights while working from home.


How you can use Mapple during the current outbreak:

  • Evaluate access to hospitals and medical care in different areas.

  • Evaluate location’s at-risk populations based on age, income, transportation access, and more.

  • Analyse walk and transit access to food outlets and grocery stores. 


Mapple’s data insights are based on a grid level (250m x 250m). Our data sources include open data and Statistics Finland.


Our package for cities includes:

  • User interface (no GIS or data expertise required) with easy to consume data insights and visualisations
  • Mapple API for analyst teams

To help your city cope with the current outbreak, Mapple is offering two week trial licence to get started (up to 5 users).

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