Check where you should live to minimize your travel time.

Dropping your kids to kindergarten on the way to work? Do you or your family members use public transport to commute to work or school?

When choosing a place to live, good traffic connections with (hopefully) short travel times to important places such as work are important. In fact, a typical work journey in the Helsinki metropolitan area lasts approximately 34 minutes on public transport, that adds up to a total of about 130 hours per year, says Statistics Finland. The length of commuting also affects our well-being. The long journey has been linked for example to increase anxietyreduce job satisfaction, and increase the risk of divorce.

In everyday life, however, the perception of logistics in a big city can be challenging. We know the transport connections of our residential area well, but could the travel times to work be shorter if we lived in a different residential area? The new mapping service developed by Mapple and Blok provides an answer to where you should live to minimize your commute to work, school or other places you visit often. The map tool lets you mark the places where you or your family travel frequently – such as work, school, or hobby locations. Using the service you can choose your preferred travel mode and how often you need to travel to each location. Processing this data, the tool will find the most suitable places in terms of travel time and links them to Blok apartments for sale that fit the criteria. After the initial query, you can also filter the results by number of rooms, price or area.

Test our new map service from here.

“I recommend everyone to test the tool whether they are planning to change the apartment or residential area or not. It is interesting to find out which areas are better and worse in terms of commuting times. Sometimes you can even locate new suitable areas to live that you couldn’t have thought about before using the tool”, says the CEO of Blok, Rudi Skogman.

The tool utilizes the Helsinki Region Travel Time Matrix developed by the Digital Geography Lab, University of Helsinki. Recently published version of the matrix takes into account the major changes in the transport systems in the Helsinki metropolitan area in recent years.

“The travel time index that we developed is based on our accessibility research, which has supported for example urban planning in Helsinki region. It’s great that we can now use these same methods with Blok to support people in decision making when choosing a place and apartment to live. Our goal is that the service facilitates as many Helsinki based residents as possible to buy a home”, says Henrikki Tenkanen, one of Mapple’s founding members, and an accessibility researcher at the University of Helsinki.

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