Evaluate real estate potential in the future

Add custom forecast to your Mapple Insights licence

Evaluate how the location will change and find the best timing for your investments

Choose public infrastructure plans, future transportation changes and residential projects that you would like to include in your forecasting analysis and let Mapple do the magic.

Examples of plans and projects you can include

We compiled a list of planned or ongoing development plans in different cities in Finland. Pick relevant ones for your business or add your own.


        1. Hernesaari residential development is finished (7,500 new residents and 4,000 new jobs)
        2. Telakkaranta residential development is completed (300 new residents)
        3. Crown Bridge is finished (transport change)
        4. Kruunuvuorenranta residential development is done (13,000 new residents, 800 jobs and 55,000 m2 of business space)
        5. Hiedanranta residential development is finished (25,000 new residents and 10,000 jobs)
        6. Helsinki-Turku 1 hour train connection is finished (transport change)
        7. Ring Road II improvements are finished
        8. Tampere tram development is finished
        9. Toppila Shore development is finished (3500 new residents)


Mapple Insights one year licence including forecasting scenario: €15,000

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