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Mapple Insights

Service for real estate companies, retailers and cities

Analyse one or multiple areas using:

    • Demographics + income
    • Accessibility: all transport modes
    • Population reach: all age groups
    • Service structure: reach and accessibility
    • Built environment
    • Housing trends
    • Employment profile

What else can you do?

    • Integrate your own data
    • Catchment analysis

Options to add:

    • KTI insights
    • People flows and activity data
    • Future scenarios: how will new infrastructure plans impact the area
    • Climate Impact: CO2 emissions estimate

Try it out

Single user license: €300/month, €3000/year

Team license: €1000/month, €10000/year

Real estate evaluation on request

Choose an area/property and get a comprehensive location evaluation

Available insights:

    • Demographics
    • Accessibility
    • Built environment
    • Services
    • Housing trends
    • Employment profile

Request forecast how the area will change in the future based on:

    • Urban planning
    • Population growth

Get a real estate evaluation

Single area report: €500

Forecasting report: €2000