Mapple Insights

Location inteligence software for real estate, cities and retail

Save time, cut costs and improve your ROI with instant insights on any location

Mapple provides instant insights on any location on people, service structure, housing trends and mobility, so you can evaluate, compare and make informed investment decisions faster.

Ease of use

Our no-code platform doesn’t require data or GIS training.

Get a fast understanding of any area and visualise data insights without having to get the analyst team or external consultants involved.

Agile collaboration

Using Mapple Insights you can easily  analyse and compare multiple locations, generate reports and share insights with colleagues across the world, all online.

Fast results

Mapple combines, processes and analyses multiple data sets so you don’t have to.

Using Mapple Insights you can access insights & analysis on any location in minutes instead of weeks.   

Actionable insights

Easy to consume and share, insights produced by Mapple can be circulated to decision makers while marketing and sales teams can use them for external parties such as future buyers and investors.         

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Mapple Insights is available for two week trial. Test it with your team (up to 5 users) for €250.

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Easier reporting with Mapple Insights

Easier reporting with Mapple Insights

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